Honda Civic and Accord can be Easily Stolen Due to Critical Flaw

Car hacking has become a sport among nefarious parties, worrying industry analysts and experts. A recent study by a security research firm called Star-V has revealed that millions of Honda cars are vulnerable to hacking and thus being stolen due to a faulty keyfob.


The research firm discovered a loophole that can enable anyone to unlock a vehicle, open doors, or even start the engine via a portable radio due to a keyfob fault. The cars prone to this fault include 2012-22 Honda Accord, Civic, C-RV, and X-RV.

The issue exists in the rolling-codes mechanism of the keyfob. The researchers learned that the mechanism has a pattern of accepting similar codes each time someone presses the keyfob.

The Rolling-PWN (codes) bug is a serious vulnerability. We found it in a vulnerable version of the rolling codes mechanism, which is implemented in huge amounts of Honda vehicles.

The researchers added that the flaw is so subtle that the common folk wouldn’t be able to detect it. However, it is critical enough to place millions of Honda owners at risk of vehicle theft. They claimed to have filed a report, notifying Honda of the issue, but the company is yet to acknowledge it.

The videos offered as evidence of the absence of rolling code do not include sufficient evidence to support the claims.

اردو پوائنٹ 2

اردو پوائنٹ 2 پاکستان کو بہترین نیوز پبلیشر سنٹر یے۔ یہاں آپ پاکستانی خبریں، انٹرنیشنل خبریں، ٹیکنالوجی، شوبز، اسلام، سیاست، اور بھی بہیت کہچھ پڑھ سکتے ہیں۔


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