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PM Imran Khan| Lack of rule of law is the 1 main hurdle in the progress of country

Islamabad| Prime Minister Imran Khan says that societies that uphold the rule of law are prosperous.

Prime Minister Imran announced on Tuesday that Pakistan was lagging behind due to lack of rule of law.

Addressing the audience on the foundation stone of Islamabad District Courts Building today, the Prime Minister said that the tragedy of Pakistan is that there are separate laws for the rich and the poor.

Lack of rule of law is the 1 main hurdle
Lack of rule of law is the 1 main hurdle in the progress of country, says PM Imran khan

The Prime Minister spoke at length about the rule of law, speedy justice and development, highlighting where Pakistan went wrong.

We used to see Pakistan moving forward and then it started moving backwards, Prime Minister Imran Khan recalled, adding that the country was moving towards development in the 1960s, but then things started going downhill.

Comparing Pakistan with other third world countries like India and Bangladesh, he said that we are far behind in this day and age while these countries have taken the lead.

The Prime Minister accused the state of Pakistan of not having the rule of law. “We are left behind because there is no rule of law,” he said.

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Largest injustice to country is NRO

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that former military ruler General (retd) Pervez Musharraf had no right to issue the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) under which cases against several politicians, political activists and bureaucrats were withdrawn.

The Prime Minister said that the biggest injustice done by General (retd) Musharraf to the country was to give NRO, adding that Pervez Musharraf did not have the right to give NRO to the powerful because the looted money was given to the nation.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that only a society that upholds the rule of law is prosperous.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the weak want justice and the powerful want justice, assuring the judiciary of all possible cooperation in giving fast and cheap justice to the common man.

Lack of rule of law is the 1 main hurdle
Lack of rule of law is the 1 main hurdle in the progress of country, says PM Imran khan

The Prime Minister noted that the rule of law is essential for the development of any society. “Providing justice to the people is our priority,” he said.

The Prime Minister said he was proud to be part of the 2007 Bar Movement, which aims to strengthen democracy and ensure the rule of law.

He called it a “historic” struggle. However, the Prime Minister lamented that the movement had not achieved its desired results.

In his remarks, Chief Justice of the Islamabad High Court Athar Minallah praised the Prime Minister for the initiative of the Islamabad District Courts Building to facilitate judges, lawyers and litigants. He said that district courts are the guarantors of the rights of the weaker sections of the society.

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Turkmanistan| Getting covid-19 in a land where there is no official case

Turkmenistan is one of only a handful of countries, including North Korea, which says it has no cases of the corona virus. But reports suggest he is facing the third and possibly strongest wave of the Cove 19.

Tourism Korbanov was suffocating. He gasped for air as if he was running a marathon, his chest pain unbearable. It had all the symptoms of corona virus.

The problem was that he was in Turkmenistan, where such patients are not officially available.

When he called an ambulance last month, the doctor told him he had pneumonia and should go to the hospital immediately. Mr Korbanov (not his real name) knew that the country’s doctors called covid cases pneumonia.

On the way to the hospital, Mr. Korbanov managed to call the clinic where he had undergone a covid test a few days earlier. “It’s positive,” he said in a calm voice. “What’s positive?” He shouted, “Is this a coward?” The answer was yes.

Only later did he discover that if you test positive in Turkmenistan, they will never give you a paper.

He refused to take the first hospital he went to because it was full.

“I almost died on the way,” Mr Korbanov said. “The lack of air; the virus spread so fast. I started banging on the window and shouted, “Please stop, I can’t breathe.” They gave me oxygen but it didn’t help much. “

The next hospital also refused to admit him this time, as it was forbidden to take patients who were not registered in the capital, Ashgabat.

“I panicked. I asked the doctor, ‘What should I do? Die here?’ ‘

He called his doctor and asked for help. After several phone calls and heated conversations, he was finally admitted.

His condition did not change for five days.

“I couldn’t breathe – it was as if everything inside me was stuck. I had a panic attack since I couldn’t breathe. It was as if I had dived underwater and couldn’t come to the surface.”

He yelled at the nurses to give him something to relieve the pain. Mr Korbanov says hospitalization is not always enough for treatment in Turkmenistan. Doctors routinely ignore patients and nurses do not examine them unless someone calls the right people.

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The number of pairs of nurses caring for more than 60 people at the hospital was also very low. “There were times when a cleaning lady gave an injection,” he said.

The nurses shared stories of patients falling and dying in front of them because there were no ventilators available and oxygen machines did not work. Doctors changed Mr Korbanov’s treatment several times.

He spent about $2000 ($1500) on medicine and bribes, a huge sum in Turkmenistan, and was fired 10 days later.

Overseas Turkmen media are reporting on the third wave of infection, but almost everyone inside the country is afraid to speak out. The Turkmen.news website has identified more than 60 people who have died from COD-19 since the outbreak began.

Turkmen authorities do not disclose cases of the corona virus. President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov, a former dentist, uses the image of a healthy nation as the basis for state propaganda. Acknowledging that a country is plagued by an epidemic could damage the legitimacy of its government.

Last year, however, a case almost unveiled. A Turkish diplomat fell ill in Ashgabat. Common symptoms of coronavirus in perineum were: chest pain, sweating, fever. She was diagnosed with pneumonia.

His wife, Gazid Yukon, sent her chest X-rays to hospitals in Turkey, and they all confirmed that she had a coyote 19.

He tried desperately to bring Mr Okun back to Turkey, but Turkmen authorities reportedly refused to allow the medically equipped plane to take him off. Permission was granted just hours after his death.

Mr Yukin’s body was decomposed and forensic experts found no signs of the corona virus.

Turkmen authorities have introduced some quarantine measures to prevent the spread of the disease. But the government insists that, thanks to its “precautionary measures,” the country is free of cowardice.

No staff at Mr Korbanov’s hospital used the words covid or corona virus. “They will say ‘this virus’ or ‘this disease,'” he said. “I’ll push them, ‘Why aren’t you saying what it is? Is it a cove?’ And they were shaking their heads in silence. “

While in hospital, Mr Korbanov received a text message from the government with a health warning. He urged people to wear face masks because of the dust in the air.

“Are we dying of dust?” he said. “They will let people die but they will never admit that they have cavities.”

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