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Pakistan Armed Forces| Ready to deal strictly with all external, internal threats1

Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa has shown strong determination to deal with all external and internal threats.

Addressing a function on the occasion of Defense Day and Martyrs at the General Headquarters in Rawalpindi, the Army Chief said that defense of the homeland is a sacred duty and we love it more than our lives.

Pakistan Armed Forces
Pakistan Armed Forces

There is no room for extremism or violence of any kind on this land, and no individual or group other than the armed forces and law enforcement agencies will be allowed to display or use weapons. No individual or group will be allowed to blackmail the state on the basis of region, race, ideology or religion.

The use of force is the sole prerogative of the state and the sacrifices of the martyrs will not be in vain.

Armed forces

Chief of Army Staff said that Pakistan’s armed forces are capable to fight all external and internal threats in a befitting manner. “We have fought every enemy courageously and achieved self-sustainability in defence capabilities which made the country’s defence impenetrable.”

The Chief of Army Staff said that there is no doubt that the relationship between the Pakistan Army and the nation is a strong shield which has always defeated the black hand tactics of the enemy against the motherland. armed Forces

Emphasizing the changing nature of war in the present times, the Army Chief said that instead of large-scale war, modern technology and methods of communication and other tools were used to undermine the unity and ideological boundaries of a nation. People to spread chaos and frustration.

“Our enemies are using unconventional means, including propaganda and misinformation, to achieve their nefarious goals,” the Chief of the Army Staff noted. Armed Forces

“This is a moment of reflection for all of us that some people are using anti-state elements. It is called hybrid or fifth generation war. It is aimed at hollowing out Pakistan’s roots and undermining national unity.” God, we will never allow these negative goals to succeed.

Expressing solidarity with the people of Afghanistan, the Army Chief said that Pakistan wanted the Afghan leadership to resolve every issue through dialogue and provide peace and happiness to its people. “Pakistan wants a stable and comprehensive system in Afghanistan and it will definitely change the destiny of the war-torn country,” he added.

He also hoped that the neighboring land would not be used against anyone, adding that the Pakistani nation stood with the Afghan brothers. Pakistan also hoped that the world would not leave the Afghan nation alone in this difficult time. Armed Forces

The Army Chief also clarified that Kashmir is of central importance in Pakistan-India relations. On August 5, 2019, Pakistan rejected all unilateral and illegal actions of India in Kashmir and paid tribute to the freedom of Kashmiris, the sacrifices of the martyrs and especially the long and great struggle of Syed Ali Gilani.

He also reaffirmed the Pakistan Army’s support for the Kashmir cause and the people of IIOJK. The Army Chief said that the world should know that without a peaceful solution to the Kashmir issue, peace and stability in the region would be impossible. Armed Forces

The Army Chief urged the nation to work for making Pakistan a progressive, peaceful and modern Islamic and welfare state. He said that the strength and security of Pakistan lies in democracy. To make it more stable, we must adhere to the principles of the Constitution, justice, tolerance and equality. And intolerance should be discouraged. Armed Forces

“If Pakistan is to develop, we have to bury our ego and self-interest. We must work for the development and happiness of the people, regional cooperation and the acquisition of modern technology instead of negative traditional geopolitical thinking against each other.” Armed Forces

“Education, health, infrastructure development, population control and climate change should be our priorities,” he added. Armed Forces

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Who is Sergeev

Sergeev is reportedly a senior general and senior member of GRU’s Unit 29155, a team involved in sabotage, sabotage and assassination. He joined the team after serving in the Russian Special Forces.

Bulgarian officials say Sergeev and two other members of Unit 29155 checked into hotels in the capital, Sofia, in April 2015, insisting on rooms with views of the underground car park.

Surveillance of the parking lot, issued by the Bulgarian prosecutor’s office, shows a man approaching the vehicles of Bulgarian arms dealer Emilen Gabrieu, as well as his son and business partner.

Toxic substances are thought to have been applied to the handles – as was the case with Sergei Skripal’s home handle. They will get sick but live.

Although his return flight was booked two days later, Sergio left the country on April 28 – the day of the poisoning. He may have been the man caught on CCTV in the car park.

Meanwhile, Chipiga and Meshkin are involved in an explosion that tore down a stockpile of ammunition used by Emilen Gabrieu in a forest in the Czech Republic on October 16, 2014, killing two people.

On October 11, 2014, the men used the same cover identification they had used in Salisbury – Ruslan Busherov and Alexander Petrov – arrived at Prague Airport before staying near the depot and then left on the day of the explosion.

The blast destroyed a remote ammunition depot in the Czech jungle.

Allegations by Czech officials this summer led to a major diplomatic dispute with Russia and the deportation of diplomats from several countries.

It followed the investigations of the European Security Services, which since Salisbury has tracked the travels of three suspects, as well as other members of the unit, to determine if they could link him to undercover activity. Or not.

For Sergei, this includes visits to Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria, as well as other countries.

He is thought to have been in contact with members of the GRU unit involved in the 2016 planned uprising in Montenegro.

British police also say they believe the trio traveled to the UK before March 2018. He says he is investigating other suspects.

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